Public Transport - to and from work - Melksham
Для новачків у громадському транспорті до та з Мелкшама
Для новичков в общественном транспорте до Мелкшама и обратно

Trains at Melksham, Swindon, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Westbury ....... and connections to over 2,500 stations in Great Britain
Buses ... local, and to Bath, Devizes, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Corsham and Bradford-on-Avon
And for newcomers to our public transport

Public Transport in Melksham

For newcomers to public transport to and from Melksham

Written for newcomers from Ukraine, but darned good information for others making their first use of Melksham's public transport to get to and from other towns around for work or other appointments. This page does not cover all the leisure and daytime opportunities offered by the trains and buses.

Написано для новачків з України, але є гарною інформацією для тих, хто вперше користується громадським транспортом Мелкшема, щоб дістатися до та з інших міст на роботу чи інші зустрічі

Написано для вновь прибывших из Украины, но содержит полезную информацию для тех, кто впервые пользуется общественным транспортом Мелкшема, чтобы добраться до других городов по работе или по другим делам.

We have written most of this page in English. You will need to understand some English to make use of our public transport, and this page will provide some practice. If you download an application such as Google Translate on your smartphone, you will be able to hold your camera up to this page and read the rest of it in Ukrainian, Russian or another language Більшу частину цієї сторінки ми написали англійською. Вам потрібно трохи розуміти англійську, щоб користуватися нашим громадським транспортом, і ця сторінка надасть певну практику. Якщо ви завантажите програму, наприклад Google Translate на свій смартфон, ви зможете піднести камеру до цієї сторінки та прочитати її решту українською або російською Мы написали большую часть этой страницы на английском языке. Вам нужно будет немного понимать английский, чтобы пользоваться нашим общественным транспортом, и эта страница поможет вам немного попрактиковаться. Если вы загрузите приложение, такое как Google Translate, на свой смартфон, вы сможете поднести камеру к этой странице и прочитать остальную часть на украинском или русском языках.

Immediately useful for getting to and from work:

Two major bus routes cross in Melksham - the 271/272/273 from Bath via Melksham to Devizes, and the X34 from Chippenham via Melksham to Trowbridge and Frome. Trains run from Swindon and Chippenham via Melksham to Trowbridge and Westbury, with useful connections onwards.

When do they run

Buses on routes 271/272/273 in combination run from early morning until late evening on Mondays to Saturdays, and from mid morning to late afternoon on Sundays. Buses on route x34 run from early in the morning until late afternoon on Monday to Saturday only, with no Sunday service. Trains run every day but not late in the evening.

Current timetables for these buses may be found via (look up the service by number from that page, and click on the .pdf to view)

Current timetables for the trains may be found via (timetables B5 showing connections to the south, and BL showing connections to London)

What does it cost and how do I buy my ticket?

A day ticket on these buses costs £7.50 and allows as many journeys on the same day as you wish on almost all buses operated by Faresaver. For some journeys, a return ticket for one journey each way may cost a little less. If you are working most days, weekly or monthly passes may be lower cost. You can pay on the bus, in cash or by credit or debit card. You can also get a mobile ticket on your phone. Seniors aged 66 and over and disabled people can obtain an ENCTS card ("Senior bus pass") which lets you use the buses for "free" (really at the expense of the local taxpayer).

A day return ticket on the train to Chippenham costs £5.20, and to Westbury £4.40 (£5.10 if you use the peak train at 06:36 on Monday to Friday). A day return to Swindon costs £11.20, or £8.30 on Saturdays and Sundays, and on trains after the 07:53 on Monday to Friday. Buy your tickets online or from the machine at the station using a card. You can also pay in cash on the train. If you are travelling to work every day using peak trains, you may find it lower cost to buy a "season ticket".

Where and how do I get on the bus or train in Melksham?

All the buses listed above call at the Market Place, and at other stops as they come into and leave Melksham. If you wish to join them at another stop, hold out your hand to indicate to the driver that you want to join the bus. If you wish to leave a bus at another stop, press one of the buttons on the bus well before your stop, but after the previous stop.

Trains call at Melksham Railway Station which is a 10 minute walk from the Town Bridge away from the town - just walk straight ahead from the Bridge to the top of "Station Approach" where it is signposted from. There is no need to hold out your hand for the train to stop. You may need to press a button on the side of the train to open the door is nobody else is using that door.

Buses do not at present call at or near the station. You cannot use the return half of a train ticket on the bus. You cannot use the return half of a bus ticket on the train.

How do I find out times if I want to travel right away?

Next trains: ((here))
Next buses - Market Place (Southbound): ((here))
Next buses - Market Place (Northbound): ((here))

Phone for Faresaver buses: 01249 444444
Phone for National Rail Enquiries: 03457 484950

What can I do if I miss my train or bus?

In most cases, you will wait for the next train or bus. If you get caught out and need to use a taxi, you could try (in no partiular order)
- P&R Taxis - 07341 949041
- Paul's Taxi - 07986 517319
- Melksham Taxis - 01225 700000
- Nigels Taxi - 07976 165910
- Index - 01225 700800
- Forest Taxis - 01225 705453
- Carols Cabs - 07894 873129
- AAP - 01225 706133

Other ways of getting to work

* Some large employers run their own private transport or have done so in the past and may still do so. An example is Centre Parcs

* There are many jobs in and around Melksham itself - I walked around the Bowerhill Industrial Area last night and out to Hampden Park West, where we have a huge variety of employers and signs are up looking for staff. You too could walk or cycle there

* Even without your own vehicle, car sharing may be possible with colleagues at your new place of work.

* The types of work that would be available to you initially are unlikely to be suitable for working from home, but occasionally that might work.

* More distant jobs may be possible by train with a change along the way - Salisbury, Bristol, Didcot, Reading - though better for the more specialist jobs as the cost of travel may be significant

There are other bus/coach routes which are unlikely to provide you with work journeys:

Routes 68/69 runs from Corsham via Melksham and Bradford-on-Avon to Trowbridge
Town bus routes 14 and 15
Route 401 from Frome via Melksham and Swindon to London
Route x76 from Marlborough via Calne and Melksham to Bath (Royal United Hospital)
Route x69 to Frome via Bradford-on-Avon
Route 555 to Corsham


Heading towards London until June 2024
Heading towards Southampton until June 2024
Rail User Group (West Wilts)
Online Forum (Great Western Coffee Shop)

Times - between towns
Times - town bus
Bus User Group (Option 24/7)

The Melksham [Rail / Transport] User Group and its predecessors have partnered with the train operators over the years to promote growth of services and their use. However, we are embarrassed to promote the current service with its awful reliability record. For regular users who are robust to the issues it is still useful - for newcomers there's a significant risk of their first planned use going wrong, quite apart from the worry beforehand of not knowing if it will run.

Four officers of the group met in December 2022, and we have decided on a hiatus until the spring. We'll maintain insurance and CRN membership; our annual Zoom account runs until mid-year and we will occasionally feed online media and deal with correspondence from it. In the meantime, we also recommend you to the groups linked above.

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